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Filmmaker John Mulholland's Documentary: "Cooper and Hemingway: The True Gen" focuses not simply on one fascinating subject, but two! Gary Cooper and Ernest Hemingway.


Talent News

Actor Sebastian Faure

Born in the United Arab Emirates, and raised in Dubai, Sebastian has a life long love affair with the arts. Sebastian now brings his Fine Arts education and experience to his craft.

"Life is about finding your purpose. I remember in my acting class, one of my teachers asked me ‘What is your goal in becoming an established actor?’ I simply told him ‘I want to be remembered and leave my stamp on our human civilization. Even after I die, I can still affect people’s lives through my films.’ "

Director Maria Alice Arida:
Establishing Herself as a Respected Film Industry Talent

Maria is now studying film directing at the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles, CA, from which she will graduate in December of this year, however she has already created an impressive body of work.

Maria has directed six short films, fashion commercials and a web series. In addition, she has worked as an assistant director for a number of feature films and TV series.

Director of Photography
Anup Kulkarni

His visual passion has taken him around the world, and across several genres, from documentaries, dramas, sci-fi, thriller, and art feature films, including the Academy Award Winning "Life of Pi."

"A deeper understanding of visual arts has given rise to a new passion in me, and that is cinematography for motion pictures, for which I am now pursuing a successful career in the greatest city of stories and fiction: Los Angeles."

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AFM Promotional Program for Film Industry Professionals

Are you attending the American Film Market (AFM) 2017?

If you want to advance your career in the film industry, you cannot miss AFM. It is truly an irreplaceable experience.

I represented some producers at AFM a few years ago, and I'm glad I had a chance to attend two of them, but now that I look back, I feel that there is really no substitute for attending and working the show yourself.

If you are serious about marketing a completed film for distribution, I offer a promotional program that I want you to consider.

We can promote your film to the industry trades in the coming months, and we can guarantee that your press release will appear on a number of media sites, that you can use when you promote your project in person to potential distributors.

My program will enable you to arrive at AFM totally, professionally prepared. Appointments set with companies that are important to you. The people you meet with will know you, and respect you as an industry professional, someone who knows what they are doing. During your meetings you will be calm and confident.

My program is about your empowerment, I want you to be able to look back and say "I did it, and I did it well."

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Designer Carolina Inoue
Takes Hollywood

Last year she worked on The Gliksmans, directed by M. Skolnick, starring the legendary actors Edward Asner and Cloris Leachman; The Open House, directed by Matt Angel and Suzzane Coote, and starring teen star Dylan Minnette.

"Production Design and Costume Design are tightly connected. One of the most often comments I most frequently receive is people wanting me to overlook both departments, even when we have separate professionals taking good care of each. That's because they trust my work in both. So why should I choose one or the other if dominating both is what makes me unique?”

She has worked with Netflix, Disney, Universal NBC, Warner Bros, CBS, just to mention a few.

Philadelphia Orchestra
Cellist Bob Cafaro

Bob Cafaro has been a cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra since 1985.

In early 1999, Bob was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Six months later he was nearly blind, unable to use his hands, and he was told he would be on permanent disability. 

Refusing to accept his prognosis, Bob set out to cure himself of the disease.

He has since continued his career as a cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Today he is in perfect health and shows no signs of MS.

Bob tells his amazing story in his new book "When the Music Stopped"


Multi-Award Winning Writer, Director, Producer RafaNani Ready to Take Hollywood by Storm! With His Very Personal Storytelling Style

Born in Brazil, RafaNani, (aka Rafael Nani,) is a film writer, director and producer.

"I want the audience to watch and to surrender at the same time. Making the viewer a combination of voyeur and active spectator, interacting with sensibilities and reason, while still entertaining."

Three years ago he decided to move to Los Angeles to further develop his storytelling skills, both technically and creatively, and for the opportunities of collaborating with other professional filmmakers who are reaching international markets.

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Director Gui Pereira, the "Cowboy Director" Bringing Brazilian Country Music to the USA and the World!

Gui has established himself as one of the biggest names in Brazilian film industry. As a very young director, he has already worked with the biggest names in Brazil such as Tom Cavalcante, Chitãozinho & Xororó, Jackson Antunes, Françoise Furton and many others.

Gui Pereira has just completed filming a full length, feature film Coração de Cowboy, a passion project that he started when he was still in college.

Tatyana Figueiredo Talks About Working in the Blockbuster “Suicide Squad”

Tatyana Figueiredo talks about working in the film: "My experience on set was the best ever. Everyone treated me very well. I had my own wardrobe room and someone was constantly checking up on me, asking if I needed anything. Things like that are rare when you are a lesser known actor!"

Extreme Action-Adventure Film "So Far" with Guile Branco Now Online on VEVO and YouTube

So Far is the graphic story of the main character Malone (Guile Branco) and his intense battle with his violent, deadly pursuers.

So Far is an action packed short film/music video produced by Guile Branco, directed by Gui Pereira with animation by Nic Raith.

Five Major Publicity Considerations for Indie Film Producers

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